Are you an expert or do you need one?

Why Work With Us

Experts in finding experts to fulfill stakeholder needs.

When you hire a NICExpert, you do not just hire the services of a specialist. You are engaging an entire team of resource-rich professionals you can grow collaboratively with, producing a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

At NICExperts, we:

  • Encourage team collaboration, cooperation, and open communication to cultivate individual strengths and forge new paths based on diverse opinions and best practices.
  • Empower partners to excel at core competencies by removing obstacles and distractions in a practical environment without egos or judgment.
  • Mentor, learn, train, contribute, support, and continuously improve along with like-minded and courteous professionals giving the confidence and thick skin needed to elevate beyond your best.

What people say about us

Working with Jody Meadwell for many years has been a pleasure. Jody is an experienced insurance professional and an excellent trainer and mentor. In a leadership role, she has strong communications and problem solving skills. Her vision includes streamlining systems and processes on work projects to support consultants and remove barriers to achieving desired results. As a colleague, her dedication and positive attitude combined with her sense of humour makes working together fun as well as productive.”
– Barbara Basta

“The NICExperts co-founders truly are the dynamic duo of insurance consultants. Spend a moment in their company and you will observe they are enthusiastic, fun and informed. Get to know their work, and you will understand how their experience and skills bring added value to everything they do.”
– Christine Gilsenan

“I like working with the NICExperts executive team because it is all about the quality of the work. They work hard at removing administrative distractions while maintaining an exciting knowledge-sharing environment for the consultants who work with them. My relationship with NICExperts has allowed me to maintain my independence as a consultant while giving me access to a network of professionals who are focused on helping clients achieve their goals.”
– Neil Bishop

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