To protect audit specialists, audit clients, and more importantly their loved ones who may be dealing with weakened immune systems, NICExperts is prepared to modify operations to limit current practices of in-person and travel-dependent meetings. The power of the NICExperts network already provides backup specialists and IT infrastructure equipped to support systems and specialists remotely on Canadian cloud-based systems. The team is building on existing remote audit capabilities by prioritizing projects for on-line forms, questionnaires, and expanding conferencing capabilities with the intent of completing much if not all of the current audit schedule remotely.

Corporate partners are keen to maintain existing delegated authority (DA) relationships and independent audit is necessary to keep current agreements intact. NICExperts is dedicated to finding flexible and creative solutions tailored to client needs and capabilities. Instead of a one-and-done process, audit is expected to be a collaborative phased approach.

Physical files and client system access are considered the main barriers to completing 100% of audit work but NICExperts is convinced enough information can be gathered remotely to keep audits on schedule and ensure business relationships continue through 2020.

If necessary, in-person visits may be considered once things get back to normal. Remote solutions will be discussed and agreed with clients on a case-by-case basis, and remaining work will be outlined in audit reports so markets can determine whether follow up is required or can wait for the next audit schedule.

We will look forward to continuing to connect qualified international and regional specialists together with progressive and enterprising organizations, and building relationships combining existing practices and respectful new ideas.