For Mutual Insurers

Home, Auto, and Farm Insurance – Underwriting & Claims Audits

Our specialists are subject-matter experts in multiple fields and disciplines. Underwriting and claims audits span a diverse range of personal and farm portfolios. We offer either standard or tailored scopes of work which can include a multi-disciplinary approach to tools, wordings or staff. Technical and operational strengths and weaknesses are identified to determine problematic patterns against opportunities and threats. We focus on fixing the root cause and not just symptoms but more importantly, we start the dialogue to understand circumstances, resolutions, and likely outcomes of proposed recommendations.

  • In-depth understanding of home, auto, and farm insurance markets and regulations
  • Thorough identification of key risk exposures and inefficiencies
  • Technical expertise in personal lines and farm insurance underwriting and coverages
  • Claims management experience handling home, auto, and farm claims
  • Measurement of strengths and weaknesses to drive effective cost-efficient change

Commercial Insurance – Underwriting Audit and Training

Drawing on the experience of seasoned commercial insurance experts, we provide strong commercial insurance training based on the results of the commercial lines portfolio. The audit provides feedback into areas of risk that a mutual insurer may wish to mitigate, transfer, or remove, to ensure more profitable results. Our commercial insurance experts work with the underwriting manager and underwriters to understand where training, wording improvements, and operational changes can offer better risk selection and portfolio management. We encourage clear and concise communication; ensure scope of work matches required outcomes; and engage in open discussions around audit findings to generate underwriting improvements. Addressing difficult questions and tough messages is common for us. With continuous improvement as a common goal, we want to help strengthen relationships among underwriting, sales, and customers. Our specialists relate to all levels of the organization and our value is the unique talents and technical expertise our team of specialists bring:

  • In-depth understanding of commercial insurance markets and processes
  • Thorough identification of key risk exposures and inefficiencies
  • Measurement of strengths and weaknesses to drive effective cost-efficient change
  • Creation of alternate solutions with innovative thinking
  • Technical expertise in various disciplines and specialties
  • Independent and objective advice and perspective at all levels of the organization

Strategic and Operational Reviews

The status quo may currently be the right solution but looking forward this may not always be the case. Competitors may change their game plan, or the marketplace may be going through upheaval which requires strategic rethinking. Changes to insurance distribution, marketing, expanding purchase options along with consolidation of industry players may seriously affect your strategic plans. To keep up-to-date and competitive, annual reviews may be required to consider:

  • Determine the need for a strategic review to ensure the best path forward
  • Acquiring additional staff or training existing staff to be more effective
  • Considering new data systems, procedures, markets, or products
  • Looking to implement best practices, standardizing policies and procedures

Our team has experience working for and consulting with stock and mutual insurers in addition to insurance agency and brokerage operations. We can help prioritize and focus internal ideas and can inject external ideas. Not only have we seen what works well in the insurance community but more importantly, we know what does not work. Let us share that knowledge!

Sales Training and Brokerage Relations

Whether working with brokerages and/or internal agent staff, quality and volume of business written is the lifeblood of a mutual. The profitability depends on producing good business and maintaining high standards. In addition to underwriting and claims expertise, our specialists have experience as insurance producers, brokerage managers, and insurance company sales/marketing staff. They can assist with determining the best approach to:

  • Reviewing and providing training needed to enhance production efforts
  • Acquiring additional sales staff and expanding into new markets
  • Improving broker relationships by communicating target business and required risk management details
  • Introducing new products or enhancing existing wordings to attract and impress current and new clientele
  • Attracting and establishing new broker relationships

Custom Consulting Services

We help our clients be their best by:

  • Providing an impartial or expert opinion, or specialized experience to move a project along
  • Closing knowledge gaps arising from new systems or processes, or even the loss of a key employee
  • Answering underwriting and risk management questions on an ad hoc basis

Our network of independent insurance specialists provides a wealth of experience at your fingertips, removing the need to recruit, hire, or add permanent staff to get you over the hump. We fill the gaps.