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For Commercial Buyers

Commercial Insurance Services

Insurance policies are specialized legal contracts. Sometimes clients just want the facts with no strings attached. NICExperts arranges remote and/or on-site visits to assess potential risk exposures, and review contracts, policies, or wordings. Our specialists bring:

  • In-depth understanding of insurance markets, products, and processes
  • Technical expertise in various disciplines, specialties, and languages
  • Independent and objective advice with outside-the-box thinking

Enterprise Risk Management Reviews

Risk exposures are everywhere and to manage them properly, firms need to first be aware of them. Our specialists help identify, understand, and analyze risk exposures, assess appropriate and cost-effective risk controls, and discuss various options to close gaps, whether or not measures involve an insurance policy. Our specialists provide:

  • Thorough and quick identification of key risk exposures
  • Willingness to work with any insurer or intermediary on your behalf
  • Our goal is to make organizations self sufficient by helping teams integrate Enterprise Risk Management as part of their daily activities and internal risk management programs.

Custom Consulting Services

We help our clients be their best by:

  • Providing an impartial or expert opinion, or specialized experience to move insurance and risk management projects along
  • Helping commercial clients with in-sourced insurance operations (e.g., audit training,)
  • Designing and implementing tailored insurance training and development programs and seminars
  • Assisting with product reviews by comparing wordings, contracts, and leases

We are the team for commercial clients considering:

  • Alternate insurance options
  • Supplementing internal insurance teams
  • New insurance systems or procedures
  • Implementing insurance best practices

Our team has decades of experience working for and consulting with insurers, MGAs, brokerages of all sizes, and clients across North America, which allows us to bring a fresh viewpoint to the table. We help prioritize and focus internal insurance ideas and can inject external ideas.