Some professionals look forward to the day their financial position permits them to leave the rat race and become an independent contractor: the luxury of a flexible schedule, a short commute, the ability to choose work which fits individual strengths and values, and more time with family & friends.

But the drawbacks of being your own boss may at first be less obvious: isolation, no assistant, no help desk, no finance department, and no backup means you may now be on call during those increased vacation periods.

As career insurance consultants, we consistently come across top-level professionals struggling to master the administration, IT, and financial requirements outside their core competencies. It is also common to meet other independent consultants with similar market relationships via different departments depending on expertise, meaning consultants’ marketing efforts are duplicated with little or no economies of scale in meeting financial institutions’ significant contractual requirements.

Since insurance provides such a broad opportunity for consultants to excel within their own areas of expertise, it seems logical these professionals can benefit from pooled resources. In the same manner, it is sensible that insurance clients may find it useful to find all experts under one roof.

It’s this line of reasoning that led us to launch our brand-new enterprise: the Network of Independent Consulting Experts – or NICExperts for short. You can remember us with the efficient use of only one “E” in the middle!

Take look around our website. You might need a NICExpert in the future – and when you do, we’ll be waiting!

Jody Meadwell
Miriam Weerasooriya
Directors & Co-Founders